picTrove 1 Image Search Отзывы пользователей

Google search don,t work raises prices,update ads,greedydev

On 2 different iPads all search works, Google does not return any results, please fix, found out Google search locked out to force purchase of pictrove 2 another 5.00, want Google try universal image search, picTrove 2 fluctuates its prices, was 4.99 for several years raised it for 9.99 and drops it briefly then raises it advise do not buy pictrove 2, wait for drop, WARNING if you have a older version of pictrove that is older then about 2 years old before it was changed to pictrove 1 DO NOT UPDATE the newer pictrove has ads and has 6 searches and the older one has 8 searches.

Love tmnt so much!

Please don't crash while looking at them thanks!

App is OK, but...

Please allow us to filter out porn!!


Was good, but not now. You used to be able to save stuff to your phone, now it only saves to the app, which is stupid.

Recent change spoiled the app

I have been using the app for a long long time and when they introduced ads I could understand they needed ads to keep the app going. But what has happened recently is there's ads in the photo viewer. Having ads on the search screen is ok, having ads on the search results screen is also acceptable, but when you show ads in the photo viewer it just spoils the app experience for us. Edit after a month: Fake Update description: App Dev released 2 updates recently which said that now full screen viewer is available but what cheat ! There's still that ugly ad bar under the photo viewer. Full screen viewer huh ? Does he even know what full screen means ?

Great app - I purchased the upgrade!

I’ve been using this for a while now, and it’s my go-to app for image searches. When I’m going to make a meme, or give a pic response on social media or chats, I always have been opening this app. I realized that I rely so much on this for online activities, I went ahead and paid the $5 for the version 2 of the app. I wanted to let the developer(s) know what a great job they are doing!

Pictrove Pro user:OMGod. Ads.

It is very bad. If you are an existing user, please remove your ads by checking your purchase history. All other apps also care about existing users. Make a purchase history check button in the app. It is also possible to set the period until just before the free conversion.

All that is man

I had to delete...I can't stand the update. banner at the bottom is very annoying when showing clients different images on my phone. I wish I never did the update. Not going to pay $4.99 for an all I can search google or safari for free. It used to be five stars now..... nothing.

This app USED to be great! Save your money

I used this all the time to find reference material for art projects. I cant stand it anymore! There is the MOST ANNOYING ad banner now. You cant get rid of it, and this was a paid app ! How crazy! I used to tell my friends about this app, but now I had to take the time to warn people before they throw away their hard earned money. Avoid unless you want to be annoyed by pop up banners!!!!

Was a Fantastic app

Was a Seriously a fantastic app, then they added adds at the bottom of the screen that killed it for me

Ads and limited function

The latest update shows ads in the bottom area of screen, very distracting! There is no way to remove the annoying ads. This app doesn't work with google anymore. The search with other engines is very limited.

Great APP!

A thorough search tool, and super simple to use. Well Done!

Do not recommend

Purchased picTrove Pro, paid to upgrade from free app to get rid of adds. Now this last upgrade, developers decide to bring back adds?? What happened to the paid upgrade??? I Do not recommend. Doesn't save any previous search subjects like it used to.

Bad business decisions. Bad customer service.

Chose not to update upon seeing the addition of ads. Supposedly to keep the app free. However one big issue with this claim is the fact that a second version of this app exists. Sorry but if you were able to produce a second version of the app then obviously funding isn't really the issue. Greed is. You found a way to get paid while attempting to keep the first version of the app relevant. Not sure why the devs thought this would go over. Average consumers aren't stupid. I had been considering downloading picTrove 2 but definitely won't now. Also the dev response to the reviews slants to the unprofessional to say the least. "If you feel you've been unjustly charged then go ahead and request a refund from apple" Rude and very snide comment for so many reasons. Shows you don't care about user feedback seeing as how getting refunds from apple is like having a tooth extracted. A long and painful process. Also the wording comes across as basically "F you" Won't be updating. That's my F you back.

Added ads to a paid app ?!

Developer said they wanted to make the app free so "had to add advertising". Truth is they chose to disenfranchise paying customers. They could have created a "free" or "lite" version with ads and kept this version of the app honest for those who paid for it.

I was lucky not to upgrade

When i saw the detail of the new update: add ads to keep app free, i was worry so much that whether the new version has a button to remove the ads or not , as i purchase the app with 6.99 dollars. I use another account to get the app and realize there's no button to do so. So i didn't update it and i was right. Please make a button to remove ads for those who bought your app.

Forced ads ruin app

Well, my reason for buying this app has been to quickly search and preview full-screen images across multiple engines. With forced ads, I can no longer view an entire image. Ethics? I paid for this app and do not appreciate having to buy the developer's new app with a new UI. Given the choice, I would rather make an in-app purchase to remove the ads from this one, in other words, pay again for the same app. That should answer the ethics question. Big thumbs down for this update, and currently recommending no buy for any products from this developer.

Автор сука

В последнем обновлении всунули рекламу которую нельзя отключить. У меня купленная версия Pro. P.S Автор ты мудак. Программу снес. P.S Да купить вторую версию программы чтобы убрать рекламу , это же гениальный ответ. А потом ты сделаешь версию номер три, а во вторую добавишь рекламу.

Author demonstrates dubious business ethics

I paid for this app, and the author not only created another, more expensive app instead of providing updates to this one, but also just forced ads on us. I once considered buying pictrove 2, but now that I can foresee ads being added there too down the road, I most certainly will stay away from any app from this author. So should you! Deleted. Update to answer the dev: With this precedent, Trust is broken, and I have no confidence whatsoever in your statement about Pictrove 2. Who conned once will con again. Nothing will prevent you from playing the same trick on paying customers of it in the future when you come up with version 3, so I sure won't waste my money on that or any product from your company. You are not the only offer in town, you know... You know well how much effort it takes to claim a refund. This is hypocrisy. Of course I am not going to waste my time on it for this little investment. I will merely move to some other, hopefully more honest provider for the same functionality (that is easy) and reiterate my advice to other users to avoid paying for Pictrove 2 and chose an alternate solution, as they will one day lose the usage of their app, just like your old customer base did.

Do not upgrade!

I paid for this app and now they added ads in it. Ruins it.

Author now added advertising and removed option to turn ads off ??? Do I hear money !!!

I have use this app for such a long time that I am now finally going to get rid of it as the author has removed the option to turn ads off while in the app. The reason being we would like to keep us free. Well I have a feeling that in app purchases will be arriving for this app soon and maybe one to remove ads? It's all about the money. I'm done with this app give us the option to turn it off or it's just like the rest of the garbage full of ads. When will you app developers realize we do not want ads we will not click them we will not buy anything for him that you are wasting your time and making your apps worse remove the ads. Maybe your customers would rather pay a small fee like $.99 for this app rather than see ads all the time everything about that. I know you want to enable ads and then force customers to remove them by doing in app purchases rather than offer it from the get-go. Bad App

Added ads?

I'm pretty sure I paid for this app. Now I'm seeing ads. Lame.

Ads are horrible

Newest update added ads 😆

A Story with a Happy Ending!

Once upon a time I was invested in the Pro versions of the PicTrove apps. The dividends were exceptional. I used them constantly. I came to understand that these were extraordinary apps. I concluded both apps were actually 1016% better than all the other image search apps to be found in iOS or Android. I was a truly contented man. It came to pass one day that I my PicTrove apps had ceased to work entirely, with no warning whatsoever. In the blink of an eye PicTrove had turned into app dung. I was horrified. I was mystified. The apps were worse than dung. Dung can be composted. I was lost, angry, and I even once lashed out in verbal rage at the creators. There was no response. It was as though they could not, or would not hear. I fell into deep depression. I grieved. Still I would check from time to time, but months passed. I eventually lost all hope and deleted the apps. Soon even their memory was gone, and I lived a life of mundanity, existing on inadequate apps that were little more than gift wrapped Google Image search, maybe with a little bow of Bing to make the folks who'd never known PicTrove think they really had something. Virtually all of these apps, particularly on iOS, not even permit the removal of search filters, so pathetic were they. My Joie de vivre was gone. Then today, an ordinary day, but for finding myself on a peculiar route into the App Store, via CNet Download. Why is not important, except insofar as that had something vaguely to do with an image search app, and it was a dead end. The app no longer existed. So long as I was there, I thought I might as well have a quick look at the image search app offerings there. It had been awhile. If PicTrove had even entered my mind I would have dismissed the the notion as certain to be a dead end as the non-app that brought me. So I was taken aback upon rather quickly encountering it there. I took a look at the reviews expecting to find only single star disappointments. To the contrary, five star happiness abounded! The invitation to Open was there. Should I do it? Should I risk reliving such a devastating experience? Telling myself not to expect anything but failure, I took the chance. I am so glad I did. I swooned in an instant with delight! Only one word describes the 12 hours since that moment: bliss! The happy man I used to be has returned! All praise to the creators! And I pray that you, image search seeker, will take that leap of faith I did. I know you will land in here with me, and we will dwell in the happy place together. Neither will you suffer a moment longer!

Wonderfully Useful!

Mad props for still supporting iOS 5.1.1 and keeping my trusty Original iPad so useful! Excellent app to to find pictures for any project, and the latest update seems to work flawlessly! Many Thanks!!

No longer works

Don't buy


This is a great app, but image location (webpage) in internal browser is no longer an option.

Was 5 Stars

Well I believe in being fair. I contacted developer. As letter below indicates. To my great joy the app is working perfectly again. And I said would raise back to 5 stars and I have. Much thanks.👍🏼 Believe it or not this was at one time simply outstanding. Did everything intended and did it well. Then Google stopped working. I though ok, the others still work. Then suddenly one day Google search back. Then I realized I lost over 2,000 pictures. Since then, every time I tried to access the pictures they CRASHED THE APP. I contacted the developer and they were polite, prompt and sympathetic. But could not promise that it could be fixed, in part due to aging coding. So until I get my three years of collecting pictures back, has to stay at 1 star.😩. But if fixed, will Change rating back to 5.


You should disable your Pic Trove 2 now available ad at the bottom for those who have purchased Pic Trove 2. It's a distraction.

respect for supporting iOS 5.1.1 😘

basically this apps is one of the few that is working on all iPads 💪🏻👊🏻✌🏻

Lost all my searches, again

Latest update: I was surprised to see a new update after a long wait and due to the greedy developers creating a new app instead of just updating this one and was happy, then I saw that this crap deleted my searches AGAIN. These people are incompetent and I will NEVER buy any apps they make in the future. Update: Now it doesn't save searches at all, what a piece of junk this app has become. The only reason I used this was because of that feature and the crappy app lost everything.

Devs screwed it up AGAIN

Only Google returns any results, and the app crashes the instant you click on a picture to view it. I knew I shouldn't have trusted their update, but I did, and now I've got nothing. Thanks a pantload, devs.

Don't use it!!!

They purposely broke the link for Google forcing you to purchase PicTrove 2 for another $4.99. Rip off!!!!

Adding features

Dears, Thanks for this lovely application, I think you should add to this application the ability to run animated pictures

No Google images anymore

Really? I always loved this app but it will not show any Google images now (0 results). The largest image collection doesn't exist on this app now. I can still usually find what I need in the Bing results, but I purchased the app so I could access multiple collections. Bummed!

Very Handy

The easiest app to look for pictures. Whenever I want to find a picture, it is almost guaranteed I will find what I am looking for. Easy searching, easy downloading, easy everything. I highly recommend this app to everyone.

Needs an update for iOS 9

Fix please. Beware if you are using newer iOS. Deleting.

Love it!

One of my favorite apps!

please disable "pics falling" effect

I know some junior programmer is really proud that he made this pics falling effect when the search results are returned based on a trick he learned in Comp Sci 101 class. I don't want to hurt the kid's feelings but the effect is stupid! Why? Because when I SEARCH, I want to screen the top hits and I want them to STAY THERE! That's what you do when you SEARCH and then from your top hits you know if you need to readjust your query. You don't want things falling off the screen as you look at them! This isn't Sesame Street! Make an app for adults, please! Is that too much to ask? Until then, ONE STAR!!!

A lot of pics

This app is great sometimes google doesn't have a pic that I like then with this app it pulls all the pics in one app

Excellent 👍

Excellent 👍



Nice app for searching pics!!!

This is a great app if comparing with the other pictures searching app. But if it can search by pictures, not the words, it will be wonderful.

Great Photo Search App!!!

Best one

Great nice and helpful

This is really great app! It is nice and helpful! You can get a nice result from the search and in one place. More useful for student to look for some hardly found through normal search engine

this is a great app

I been using this app from the beginning works great.

Awesome app

I love this app! I'm addicted to searching and downloading images for all kinds of uses, and I think this app may cause me to seek treatment LOL

Picture Size Reduced

This is a great app but I would like to save images in their original size. Their other app offers this but it doesn't use as many search engines. I still recommend the app but I won't get pro2 until they add more search engines.

Simple and great

It's a very great app , especially if you always struggle to find pictures in HD in other apps

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